Sacred Cow


Dogma, belief, opinion and philosophy are alive and kicking in modern parenting, especially when it comes to the education and success of our children. In our March Education issue of CHILD Magazine we addressed five of the most commonly held educational myths, like ‘High grades predict career success’ and ‘Homework improves learning outcomes’, and upend them.

Our goal with this article was to contribute some fresh thinking around education. Like everything we do at CHILD, we want to free parents up from all the ‘shoulds’ that keep us awake at night while we worry if we’re doing the best thing for our kids. There is way too much pressure on our children, and parents, to perform at school, and from such an early age. I hope this article alleviates some of that stress.

I’m so grateful to Dr Helen Street for her smart ideas and research for this story. And, there’s nothing I like more than a good myth buster.

Grab your March issue out now around Australia, or catch the article online from April 2016.