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Recent return-to-work mum and talented copywriter Jane Woolard wrote to me at CHILD Magazines about her struggle to return to her career in the creative industry she loved. Jane had been out of the paid (‘office job’) workforce for almost 12 years but had maintained a successful paid freelancing portfolio working from home.

When she finally landed a great role with flexible, part time hours, her new boss company director Emelye not only asked all about Jane’s family, she sent the kids this letter.

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for my daughter


When I started writing more frequently for my digital editor Bron asked me to write about something personal to do with motherhood.

Where do you start?

Being a Virgo, I searched for ideas among my back files of stories I had written when the kiddos were babies. I was delighted (mission achieved) when I found something that could work but also moved by the private letter I stumbled across that I had penned for my daughter when she was just a wee two year old.

Here are the 10 things I want my daughter to know.