The Real Baby Book you need at 3am


I’m super excited to share that I’ve redesigned my book The Real Baby Book you need at 3am – the book for mums in the early years of motherhood – for Mother’s Day 2018. The book is in its third reprint and this limited edition marks the 10th Anniversary of the first print run.

Being a mother can be tough, and we mostly do it alone. This book helps with every mother’s concerns about self-doubt, overwhelm and motherguilt. Because when it’s late at night and you’re caring for your baby, someone needs to care for you.

Designed to be the perfect bedside book of support and inspiration when you need it most, snap up a copy for yourself, your mum-to-be or new mum friends or partner from 2nd April 2018 via this website

Details: Hardcover RRP $19.95 (wholesale available)
Book size – giftbook 15cmx15cm
On sale date: 2nd April 2018


“A collection of affirmations and kind words that help address every mother’s deepest uncertainties.” My Child magazine

“The perfect present for the mother-to-be offering the sort of advice your mum or best friend would give.” Practical Parenting magazine

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