roller skate fashion shoot


A childhood spent skating up and down, and up and down, our driveway in a pair of blue and yellow suede stripe skates plus birthday parties at the local roller rink (the music! the disco lights!) inspired my first fashion shoot for CHILD’s September 2015 issue.

What could go wrong inviting a group of kids to a party and putting them in roller skates, for the first time, ever?

Fortunately there were plenty of helpers and no spills, but lots of laughs and reminiscing about what we wore in the 80’s. Pink terry toweling play suit anyone?

This is a video of behind the scenes, including all the final shots and yes, that appears to be me jumping around behind the camera like I’ve had too much sherbet (not that too much sherbet is a thing) trying to get one of the kids to crack a smile. Anything for the shot.

Photographer: Sue Stubbs, Stylist: Olivia Waugh